Art Education

Uniting the diversity in our collection with our diverse community of people

Art at Progressive unites the great diversity of art in our collection with our equally diverse community of Progressive people. We provide intelligent and innovative art programs to encourage and facilitate critical communication among our employees about the art that shapes our work environment and its relationship to the times in which we live. Learning to appreciate art at Progressive is learning to appreciate why Progressive is a great place to work.

Art tour from the Progressive Insurance Corporate Art department

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a variety of contexts and interesting ways in which to encounter art at Progressive, the Corporate Art department maintains a robust program of curated exhibitions, comprised of works exclusively from our own collection. These shows are developed for a variety of purposes, ranging from socio-political, culture-based explorations to showcases of new acquisitions to training exercises for leadership and professional development skills improvement.

Often the success of these engagements is dependent upon the partnership between Corporate Art and our Progressive business leaders. Our business-partnered exhibitions are particularly meaningful, as they assist Progressive leaders in giving shape and critical context to their messaging while providing a unique training ground for our people as they learn about how to be successful, smart, and emotionally strong in a fast and changing workplace.

Selected Exhibitions

Artists at Progressive

The Progressive People’s Biennial is one of Corporate Art’s most popular programs, drawing great attention to the diverse and creative people who make up our company. Every two years, the Corporate Art department sponsors this companywide juried art show, with more than 500 Progressive people typically participating.

Selected members of the public art community carefully comb through the submissions and assemble a final curated exhibition. After an inaugural opening at our Cleveland headquarters, the exhibition travels to other Progressive facilities across the country.