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    What is umbrella insurance?

    Personal umbrella insurance, or personal umbrella insurance coverage, protects you and your family when you've exceeded the liability limits on your auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy.

    Your assets, home equity, retirement savings, and more could be at risk from personal injury and property damage claims if you don't have the right level of coverage. When you get an umbrella insurance quote through Progressive, you can choose up to $5 million in added liability protection on your umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella policy helps to safeguard the lifestyle you've worked hard for.

    How does umbrella insurance work?

    An umbrella insurance policy extends well beyond your home and auto insurance if you're found liable for more than your other insurance policies can cover. A personal umbrella insurance policy allows you to select a liability limit that best protects your assets, up to $5 million. Umbrella insurance coverage may include the following:

    • Personal injury coverage: For claims of libel, slander, defamation of character, and more
    • Worldwide coverage: For incidents that happen abroad
    • Vacation rental liability coverage: Protection for accidents involving boats, jet skis, scooters, and other rentals
    • Defense coverage: For legal fees and court costs

    Avoid paying out of pocket if you're liable for a large claim

    Consider this scenario: Someone sues you for $1 million after an auto accident or an incident at your home or property. However, your insurance only covers up to $500,000 in damages (often the highest amount of liability coverage available for standard homeowners insurance and auto insurance). Your umbrella insurance coverage can cover the remaining $500,000 you're responsible for, plus your legal costs, up to the limit you selected.

    Is an umbrella insurance policy right for me?

    Progressive's personal umbrella insurance isn't just for the wealthy. If you own a car, a home, a condo, or if you rent your home, umbrella insurance offers additional coverage to protect your assets from the costs of legal actions and large judgments. You may also want extra protection if you have an asset like an ATV, RV, boat, or motorcycle. Learn more about if you need umbrella insurance coverage. You can buy a personal umbrella insurance policy anywhere in the United States.

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