Progressive’s Network of Empowered Women (NEW) and Corporate Art present “HerStory”—an invitation to consider, interpret, and discuss women’s issues through the lens of artworks in the Progressive Art Collection.

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Supporting NEW’s focus on educational events and activities, this exhibition promotes an increased understanding of and appreciation for topics surrounding women—ultimately, creating uplifting diversity and inclusion outcomes for our work environment and our work relationships. The artworks assembled here are at once celebratory and thought provoking. They establish a variety of critical inquiries about the empowerment of women. Some works very decidedly address topics of inequality and stereotypes, while others point to the ascendency of women and the triumph of gained cultural agency. In all the works, a broad story of womanhood surfaces, giving us a distinct conversational point of departure for the ongoing discussion about gender equality both inside and outside the workplace.

About NEW

Progressive’s Network of Empowered Women promotes an inclusive workplace by raising awareness of issues affecting women at Progressive and helping to increase the number of women in leadership roles. New to Progressive in 2010, NEW focuses on events that help women at Progressive develop their skills and prepare for leadership roles, helps generate more female candidates for leadership roles, and helps us better understand issues that may be preventing women from applying for or moving into leadership positions.

Selections from “HerStory”