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    Safeguard your home with a state of the art home security system

    Protect your residence and family from break-ins, burglaries and more with Progressive Home Security by SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe features professional monitoring with easy installation and no long-term contracts. With intuitive products that can be easily installed in thirty minutes or less without drilling holes and running wires, SimpliSafe is far more cost-effective than technician-installed security systems.

    How does SimpliSafe’s home security system work?

    SimpliSafe home monitoring is 100% wireless and powerfully engineered to detect trouble and send instant alerts regarding any suspicious activity. If an alarm at your residence is triggered, your monitoring system notifies the monitoring center and calls the number you have on file. You’ll be asked to provide your “safe word,” which confirms the emergency, and then the police are notified and dispatched to your home.

    SimpliSafe’s home monitoring system also enables you to:

    • Receive alerts on your smart phone so you can immediately act
    • See what’s happening at your home anytime, in HD, from any device
    • Record anytime at the push of a button
    • Download and share clips recorded from your security camera
    • Control door locks while you’re away from home
    • Arm your system with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

    Keep in mind, SimpliSafe’s home monitoring service is optional, and not included in every plan. If you don’t want to pay for monitoring, your SimpliSafe plan can still function as a burglar deterrent with a local alarm. You can browse plans online or create your own wireless home security system in minutes. You’ll be able to customize a plan that best fits your budget and protects your home, whether you have a single entrance or multiple windows and doors.

    Added benefits of home security

    Home alarm systems can accomplish more than just the obvious goals of deterring crime and protecting valuables:

    Peace of mind: Perhaps nothing is more valuable than knowing you and your family are prepared and protected in the event of an intrusion.

    Fire protection: SimpliSafe’s home alarm (smoke detector) will sound when a fire is detected, and your monitoring system will call the fire department.

    Water damage prevention: SimpliSafe’s water sensor protects against costly leaks or floods by warning you the second your home is at risk for water damage.

    Lower home insurance rates: Many home insurers include a discount if you have a home security system in place.

    Criminals captured: Visual verification using SimpliSafe’s monitoring helps police catch criminals, making your neighborhood safer for everyone.

    Types of home security tools

    Security camera

    SimpliSafe’s camera, called the SimpliCam, captures crystal-clear video evidence that you can easily stream for free or share with neighbors and police. You’re able to view footage from your smartphone, laptop or tablet with a plan that includes monitoring.


    SimpliSafe offers various types of sensors, which are often the anchor of any security system. Some sensors are uniquely built to detect heat signatures of humans, and not false alarms like swaying branches or animals.

    Burglary sensors

    • Entry sensor: Protects any window or door, which is usually where burglars enter. Best for rooms with less than three windows.
    • Motion sensor (motion detector): Covers the entire room or hallway. Ideal for rooms with three or more windows.
    • Glassbreak sensor: Specially calibrated to pick up the sound of smashed windows; perfect for a room with sliding doors and multiple windows.
    • Panic button: Press this to trigger your alarm if you’re at home and in danger—police will be dispatched.

    Hazard sensors

    • Smoke detector: Triggers a loud siren when smoke is sensed; should be placed in every bedroom.
    • Carbon monoxide detector: Essential for detecting deadly gasses that you can’t smell; should be placed on every floor.
    • Temperature sensor: Senses coolness, so you can avoid freezing pipes that may burst.
    • Water sensor: Triggers an alarm when water is detected from your water heater or other household appliance.


    If your plan includes monitoring, SimpliSafe uses video-verified alarms, which, when triggered, save a recorded clip of the intruder and alerts police.

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