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    Riding a snowmobile is a rip-roaring winter pastime, but it comes with its share of risks – especially when you're sledding at high speeds in low-visibility, snowy weather. Progressive stands out among snowmobile insurance companies because we offer the right protection at an affordable price.

    Is snowmobile insurance required?

    Snowmobile insurance is mandatory in a few states and is required while riding in some snowmobile parks. If you financed your snowmobile, your lender may also require you to have coverage through the duration of your loan. Snowmobile accidents are common, so it's wise to be protected even in states where insurance is optional. Learn more about how snowmobile insurance works.

    How much is snowmobile insurance?

    Snowmobile insurance rates will largely depend on your location, age, driving/riding history, and the make and model of your machine.

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    Ways to Save

    Save with discounts on snowmobile insurance

    Responsible driver

    We'll reward you with a discount if you've had no motor vehicle violations or accidents in the last three years.


    Already have another policy with us, such as home, renters, auto, RV, or boat? Add snowmobile insurance and get a bundle discount.

    Safety course

    Earn a discount for completing a snowmobile safety course.


    Prompt payment

    We'll add another discount to say thank you for paying on time. You'll get this on your first snowmobile policy with Progressive, and you'll continue to receive it when you renew if you've had no late payments.

    Customized snowmobile insurance coverages

    A snowmobile policy from Progressive can provide snowmobile insurance coverage types, including:

    Person on a snowmobile


    Bodily injury and property damage liability

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and property damage

    Comprehensive and collision

    Medical payments

    Accessories and custom parts/equipment

    If you've made enhancements or upgrades to your snowmobile that weren't factory installed, accessory and custom parts/coverage equipment automatically provides up to $3,000 in coverage if you have comprehensive and collision on your policy. You can purchase additional coverage up to $30,000.

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