Bundle Save an average of 7% on auto!Δ
Bundle Save an average of 7% on auto!Δ

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    Condo insurance protects what your association doesn't

    Condo insurance covers your personal belongings and the interior of your structure — from the walls in. This includes countertops, cabinets, flooring, as well as personal liability coverage and temporary living expenses in the event of a covered loss.

    Your condo association will carry a master insurance policy that covers the things they’re responsible for, including the grounds, common areas (such as hallways and elevators), and the outside/physical structure of your condo. In most cases, your personal property and the interior of the condo aren’t covered by the association’s insurance policy.

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    Ways To Save

    Save more on your condo insurance policy

    Bundle condo & auto insurance

    Save an average of 7% on car insurance when you combine condo with auto.Δ Your discount will be applied to your auto policy.

    See more on bundling insurance

    Pay in full

    You'll get a discount by simply paying your condo policy up front and in full.

    Alarm systems and safety devices

    You could earn discounts for having burglar alarms, fire alarms, automatic sprinklers, and more.

    New condo purchase

    Earn an extra discount for purchasing a new condo.

    We have a network of condo insurance companies that we work with and can connect you with. This network offers more price and coverage choices when you get your condo insurance quote. The availability and value of each discount may vary by company and your state.

    Condo insurance coverage that protects what's yours

    We offer coverage for your belongings, the interior of your condo unit, and more. Keep in mind, your condo association’s master policy will typically cover the exterior of your condo. If you have questions on how to customize your protection, our licensed representatives are standing by to guide you through our coverage options.

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    Personal property

    Loss of use


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