Courage at Our Core

“Courage at Our Core: Art and Action” is a partnership exhibition between Corporate Art and the Compliance and Ethics team complementing the broader enterprisewide campaign and guest speaker series, “Courage at Our Core.”

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Our partners in Compliance and Ethics seek to create awareness about our responsibilities and the resources that support our shared stewardship of Progressive’s unique culture. Central to the “Courage at Our Core” campaign are the themes of reporting concerns, welcoming disagreement, and maintaining moral courage. All have illuminating overlap with both the mission of Progressive’s art collection and with the goals of this exhibition.

We’ve selected the artworks in this exhibition for their potency as tools for learning about and practicing moral courage. They represent the critical importance of knowing what one believes, understanding the alternative beliefs of others, and having the courage to speak one’s belief (especially in ethically challenging situations) with conviction and presence. This process of “speaking up” is a working model for the artist’s studio practice, the audience’s interpretive engagement with the ideas in the art, and our individual contributions to a morally courageous culture both in our communities and at Progressive. Courageous action is the centerpiece for all the components of this initiative—we see it present in the art making process, it’s certainly a driving force for art interpretation, and courage is undoubtedly the catalyst that spurs us to speak up against unethical situations. Only in courage can we sound our voices and be heard. Please consider the unique outspoken voice in each artwork in this exhibition. With which artists do you ally? Which artworks, for you, present the strongest examples of moral courage and speaking truth to power? How do you see this exhibition contributing to Progressive’s commitment to ethical behaviors and outcomes?

“Courage at Our Core: Art and Action” includes a seminar series that will provide opportunity to practice speaking your thoughts and concerns about the world around us, including Progressive. Additionally, there is a multipart “Courage at Our Core” toolkit featuring team exercises and individual learning modules that complement the seminar series. We hope that this exhibition and the accompanying curriculum provide a rich backdrop for many thoughtful conversations, resulting in a renewed commitment—from all of us—to know and speak our values.

Selections from “Courage at Our Core”