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Each year we acquire approximately 200 artworks. We seek artists whose diversity and communication reflect that of our Progressive people. Our art intends to provoke our people to dialogue and debate. Progressive’s collection can be described as compelling, visually unforgettable, innovative, rich in content, and critically representative of the times in which we live.

Other Collections

Explore our collection highlights and site-specific installations from across the country

Gregory Crewdson / Untitled (Woman in Flowers)

Collection highlights

We’ve built a world-class contemporary art collection with a wide array of wonderful highlights. Sometimes bold and beautiful, sometimes subtle and profound—and always reflecting our culture of change—art at Progressive changes you whether you know it or not.

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Petah Coyne / Untitled #788, #790, #796, #799, #800, #804


We’ve commissioned several artists to create large-scale, site-specific artworks for our regional contact centers across the country. Often the most memorable takeaways from a site visit, these massive artworks proactively awaken our shared spaces.

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