Looking Back/Moving Forward

“Wholly committed to creativity and diversity in our corporate community, the Corporate Art department uses The Progressive Art Collection as a tool to spark rich dialogue about the ideas and concerns of our time, ultimately inspiring our people to risk, learn, and grow.” —Excerpt from Corporate Art’s Purpose Statement

Exhibitions looking back moving forward

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) thinking has been a central tenet for Progressive’s contemporary art collecting since the program’s inception in the late 1970s. Our Corporate Art team continues to focus on providing an array of programs, leveraging our artworks to encourage open-mindedness to what is unfamiliar and different.

In recent years, as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have taken flight at Progressive, our art collection has played an important role in helping Progressive people learn about these opportunities—and ultimately about one another and ourselves. Since the formation of Progressive ERGs, many of the groups have partnered with Corporate Art to organize specifically curated exhibitions. Many of these shows have travelled nationally to our contact centers and have been the backdrop for numerous conversation seminars germane to each ERG’s vision.

On the joyous occasion of our companywide 10-year anniversary of D&I efforts, we are delighted to present this celebratory exhibition, “Looking Back/Moving Forward.” Each artwork in this show has previously appeared in one of our past ERG partnership initiatives. Reassembled here as an “alumni” showcase, we hope these works give us great reflection on that which we have already achieved while providing stimulating conversation as we look ahead to new horizons and opportunities for even more robust accomplishments in Progressive’s D&I space.

Selections from “Looking Back/Moving Forward”