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Purchasing and maintaining a motorhome or travel trailer can be expensive, but inexpensive RV insurance is right around the corner with Progressive. With RV policies starting as low as $125 per year,* you can protect yourself and your vehicle, even if you're on a budget. We give you the freedom to build a policy that's customized to your motorhome or trailer, so you won't have to pay for coverage that you don't need.

How to get cheap RV insurance at Progressive

Saving on RV insurance comes immediately when you quote with Progressive. Check out some of the many insurance discounts you automatically earn if you qualify.**

  • Multi-policy: Multiple policies with Progressive means a discount, so you'll save by bundling your RV policy with auto, homeowners, renters, motorcycle, or boat.
  • Responsible driver: If you've had no motor vehicle violations or accidents in the last three years, you'll earn a discount on your Progressive RV policy.
  • Original owner: Being the original owner of your motorhome or travel trailer qualifies you for a discount with us, assuming you carry comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Pay in full: Simply paying up front and in full earns you a discount on your Progressive RV policy.
  • Continuous insurance: Already have RV insurance with another company? You get a discount when you switch to Progressive, just for being previously insured.

View more of our RV insurance discounts and then get a cheap RV insurance quote to see how big you can save with Progressive!

More ways to get cheap RV insurance

When you're going for affordable RV insurance, you don't have to stop at discounts. Here's how you can further lower the cost of RV insurance.

  • Stay accident and violation-free: Both at-fault and not at-fault accidents can increase RV insurance pricing, as well as motor vehicle violations like speeding tickets; as accidents and violations fall off of your motor vehicle report, your rate may decrease.
  • Become an experienced RV operator: Drivers with experience handling a motorhome or towing a trailer may pay less for RV insurance than inexperienced drivers.
  • Decrease your coverage limits: The cheapest RV insurance may not offer sufficient coverage for your needs, but you may decrease the cost of your policy by lowering your liability limits.
  • Increase your deductibles: Raising your policy's RV comprehensive and collision coverage deductibles will typically lower your policy's rate.

Questions about how RV insurance works? We have answers

Explore how an RV insurance policy can cover your motorhome or travel trailer and offer protection against liability claims and more.

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