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Class B Camper Van Insurance

Get insurance on your camper van for a worry-free road trip

Class B motorhomes, also known as "camper vans," are the smallest type of motorhome. They can sleep up to four people and are equipped with all the amenities that any other motorhome has, including a kitchenette and, sometimes, a full bathroom.

Enjoy the sights with peace of mind by getting a quick online quote for class B motorhome insurance. Our RV insurance policies offer a wide range of coverages, including replacement of your personal items and reimbursement for emergency expenses you have while on vacation. Get a quote for class B camper van insurance today and ensure you're covered wherever the road takes you.

How much does camper van insurance cost?

Looking for cheap camper van insurance? With Progressive, you can spend as little as $125 per year for a liability policy.* When you start your quote, you'll be able to pick and choose your coverage options, creating a policy that protects you without breaking your budget. Plus, we'll automatically apply all the RV insurance discounts you qualify for, such as homeowners and clean driving record.

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Do you need insurance for a class B camper van?

As with most vehicles, insurance is required to drive a camper van. RV liability coverage provides financial protection from damages or injuries you cause while driving your motorhome. However, most of our customers opt for additional coverages that guard against things beyond their control, such as theft, storm damage, flat tires, and more. When you quote online, we'll make sure you have the coverage you need to meet your state's RV insurance requirements.

All campervan conversions, including DIY projects, may be covered with an RV insurance policy from Progressive—even if your campervan is the only vehicle in your household.

Blaze your own trail: insurance coverages for your camper van

You can create an insurance policy for your class B motorhome that works for both your budget and your RV lifestyle. All you have to do is choose the coverages you need. Here are a few popular options our customers select:

Comprehensive and collision

Comprehensive coverage protects you from damages that are out of your control, such as RV theft and collisions with animals. Collision coverage helps you pay for RV repairs or can help pay to replace your RV with an entirely new motorhome in the event yours is damaged or totaled in a covered loss. These have separate deductibles.

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Replacement cost/personal effects

If you keep a lot of personal items in your camper van, this insurance coverage will pay to replace them if they're damaged or lost. You can specify a total dollar amount of coverage during the quoting process, allowing you to account for items like cameras or a smartphone.

Pet injury coverage

Does your pet like to join you on your adventures? We'll pay up to $1,000 for their vet bills if they're injured in an accident while riding in your RV.

Learn more about RV insurance coverages for class B motorhome insurance. Have a different type of motorhome? We also offer class C motorhome insurance and class A motorhome insurance.

Tips for getting a campervan insurance quote

Let us know what other policies you have

If you have another policy with us, we'll give you a multi-policy discount with your new RV insurance.

Know your RV's value

Your RV's current value will help determine the level of coverage you need. You can use websites like and to research the going rate for your camper van.

Tailor your coverage to your needs

For example, if you keep a lot of expensive items in your motorhome, opt for personal effects coverage and we'll replace your damaged possessions.

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