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Are you searching for cheaper motorcycle insurance but don't want to sacrifice customized protection for you and your bike? Our motorcycle insurance policies start as low as $75 per year,* and we give you the power to adjust coverages, coverage limits, and deductibles so you're ready to ride without breaking the bank.

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance at Progressive

It's simple to save on motorcycle insurance with discounts that are automatically applied when you quote with Progressive. Here are some of our notable bike insurance discounts:**

  • Multi-policy: Bundle motorcycle insurance with another Progressive policy, such as auto, RV, or homeowners, and we'll show our appreciation with a discount.
  • Motorcycle endorsement: Earn a discount for obtaining a motorcycle license or adding a motorcycle endorsement to your driver's license.
  • Safety course: Completing an approved motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile safety course can lower the cost of your policy.
  • Association: Members of Harley Owners Group or United Services Automobile Association receive discounts on Progressive motorcycle insurance policies.
  • Safe and Steady Rider®: Riders aged 45 years or older with at least three years of riding experience with no accidents or violations will earn a discount.

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More ways to get cheap motorcycle insurance

While the cost of motorcycle insurance depends on many factors, you may get a better price by doing the following:

  • Become an experienced rider: Riders with years of experience on the road may see better rates than new and inexperienced riders.
  • Avoid accidents and violations: Speeding and traffic tickets, as well as both at-fault and not-at-fault accidents, can increase your motorcycle insurance rate; as accidents and violations fall off of your motor vehicle report, your rate may decrease.
  • Increase your deductibles: Raising your motorcycle policy's comprehensive coverage and collision coverage deductibles can bring down the cost of your policy.

More questions about how motorcycle insurance works? We have answers

Explore what motorcycle insurance covers, if needed, and how it can safeguard against theft and injuries sustained in a bike accident.

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