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    Your e-bike is important to you, whether you rely on it for your daily commute or simply enjoy recreational rides on the weekends. That’s why Progressive offers affordable and customizable electric bike insurance for class one, class two, and class three e-bikes.

    Here are some common electric bikes we insure: Trek Domane+, Trek Fuel Exe, Aventon Sinch, Electra Townie Go!

    Do electric bikes need insurance?

    Because an e-bike is regulated as a regular bicycle by most states, insurance for electric bicycles isn’t mandated by law. However, carrying an insurance policy specific to your e-bike can be critical if you cause an accident while riding and are financially responsible for injuries and damages. Additionally, like a car or motorcycle, your electric bike is an investment, and e-bike insurance may safeguard your bike against theft, vandalism, and damage while in storage.

    How much does electric bike insurance cost?

    Liability coverage for e-bikes starts as low as $75/year.* Several factors can contribute to the exact price of your policy, such as your location, coverage selections, and type of e-bike. Progressive offers numerous discounts that are automatically applied to your policy if you qualify.

    Ways to save

    Earn easy savings on e-bike insurance with Progressive’s discounts**

    Responsible driver

    Get a discount if you've had no motor vehicle violations or accidents in the last three years.


    Receive a bundle discount if you already have a homeowners, renters, auto, boat, or RV policy with Progressive.

    See more on bundling insurance


    Score a discount just for owning a home.

    Pay in full

    Earn another discount simply for paying up front.

    Electric bike insurance coverages we offer

    You can get specialized protection for your e-bike from Progressive, so you can ride with peace of mind. See how these coverages provide a safeguard for you and your bike.

    Standard Coverages

    Bodily injury & property damage liability (BI/PD)

    Comprehensive & collision

    Accessories and custom parts equipment

    Carried contents

    Roadside assistance

    How to insure an e-bike at Progressive

    • Know your e-bike’s year, make, and model to get an accurate quote; you need the serial identification number to start a policy
    • Manual bikes, e-bikes used for racing/stunting, and e-bikes with model years before 2010 aren’t eligible for coverage
    • Unlicensed riders are still eligible for an e-bike policy with Progressive
    • Increase your deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage to decrease the cost of your policy

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