Windshield glass repair vs. replacement

Road hazards like rocks, debris from passing trucks, or unexpected weather conditions like hail can cause small chips in the glass that then blossom to larger cracks.

Does Progressive cover cracked windshields?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you won’t pay anything for repairs as we don't apply a deductible in that case. Note that comprehensive coverage is optional, but most drivers add comprehensive insurance to their car insurance policy to get covered for windshield glass repairs. Windshields can usually be repaired if the chip or crack is less than 6 inches long.

If the crack is larger than 6 inches, the windshield will likely need to be replaced. If this is the case, your comprehensive insurance will still cover it. Depending on your state and policy, you may have to pay a deductible. For instance, if it costs $800 to replace your windshield and your comprehensive deductible is $100, you’ll pay only $100 toward the cost of the new windshield.

What you need to know about cracked windshields & car insurance

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Is a cracked windshield dangerous?

While a crack in the glass may not seem like a big deal, it’s essential you fix it immediately due to a variety of reasons including:

  • In many states, it’s illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield.
  • Your windshield protects you from flying debris in the event of an accident. If your windshield has a crack, it’s more likely to shatter or break.
  • It can impair your view while driving.

$0 deductible option on glass replacement

In certain states, we offer a $0 deductible option for glass-only replacement claims. This option is separate from your comprehensive deductible and gives you the flexibility to set both deductibles to your liking.

Where can I get my windshield fixed?

With Progressive, you get to choose who repairs or replaces your windshield, and it can usually be fixed within 48 hours. We recommend Safelite AutoGlass, the country’s largest auto glass replacement company, or one of its affiliated shops. You’re also free to choose another shop you trust. The benefits of choosing Safelite AutoGlass or an affiliate shop include:

Guarantees: You’ll receive a warranty on all glass work for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

Convenience: In most cases, you can choose to have the repairs performed from your home, your place of work, or at the shop.

Quality: All glass shops in Progressive’s network meet our strict quality requirements.

Price: Shops in our network agree to complete work at prearranged prices, which means you pay only your deductible, if applicable, with no surprise charges.

To report a claim, to your policy online, use the app or call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737. Report any glass damage as soon as possible so we can confirm that your comprehensive coverage applies to the damage.

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