Operating responsibly

Building confidence through progress

Our vision to become consumers' No. 1 choice and destination for auto, home and other insurance is an ambitious goal. To achieve it, our actions must instill confidence in the Progressive brand. That's why we live and breathe by our Core Values that define how we operate and how we treat each other, our customers, and our shareholders.

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Progress for our customers

We seek to provide competitive prices and innovative offerings that meet the needs of consumers over their lifetimes. We do this while providing transparent disclosure of our product features and prices and consistently delivering the service that our customers expect.

Our prices are driven by industry-leading, actuarially justified segmentation. We provide consumers transparency and choice through comparative rating on progressive.com, and we encourage customers to improve their driving behavior through our Snapshot® program that uses a customer's actual driving behavior to determine the rate they pay.

We're committed to protecting consumers' privacy and earning their trust. That's why we publish our Privacy Policies and continually invest in technology and employee training to safeguard data.

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Progress for our workforce

We believe that how we achieve something is just as important as what we achieve. And we know that cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and flexible work environment is critical to our achievements. That's why we promote from within, work hard and get rewarded for it, and win the right way.

Learn more about how Progressive people grow and thrive by visiting Working at Progressive.

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Progress for our shareholders

Our Core Value of Integrity requires us to adhere to high ethical standards; to provide timely, accurate, and complete financial reporting; to encourage disclosing bad news, and to welcome disagreement. To that end, we report our results monthly and our workforce receives ongoing training about our Privacy Policies and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Learn more about Corporate Governance by visiting our Investor Relations site. We also have full reporting on all of our Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts in our Corporate Sustainability Report.