The heart of who we are

Our mission, day to day

Living out our purpose at work empowers us to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and innovate with a sense of direction. From our Employee Resource Groups to our Chosen Name program, we strive to provide our employees have what they need to move forward and live fully—at work, at home, and in our communities.

Moving forward

Employee Resource Groups create an environment where we feel welcome and valued

A popular and inclusive opportunity at Progressive is our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are part of our overall diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Progressive's ERGs are open to all, and ERG engagement continues to outpace other major companies with an overall ERG membership of nearly half of our employees. While our Progressive population grew 25% over the past two years, overall membership of Progressive ERGs grew 30%. An impressive 44% of Progressive people and 80% of managers belong to at least one ERG.

Currently, we offer nine focused ERGs, each welcoming all employees.

  1. Asian American Network (AANet)
  2. Disabilities Awareness Network (DAWN)
  3. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Plus Network (LGBT+)
  4. Military Network (MILNET)
  5. Network for Empowering Women (NEW)
  6. Parent Connection
  7. Progressive African American Network (PAAN)
  8. Progressive Latin American Networking Association (PLANetA)
  9. Young Professionals Network (YPNet)

ERGs at Progressive create space for networking, understanding differences, and sharing experiences. They host support groups and learning seminars, heritage events and holiday celebrations, and career development classes. Furthermore, our ERG members help us better understand the marketplace and our customers by participating in focus groups and serving on product development teams.

Progressive employees explain ERGs in their own words ...

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The power of the true you

Chosen Name Program

Embracing and using your chosen name at work is a powerful affirmation of identity and self-expression. The Chosen Name Program makes our employees feel seen and welcome. With its launch in 2023, we made it possible for Progressive employees to update their first name, so it appears how they choose in applications like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Viva Engage.

Relief for our own

Employee Relief Fund

Life is unpredictable and when our employees need help, we all want to jump in. From financial hardship to unforeseen personal difficulties, our Progressive Employee Relief Fund allows employees to keep moving forward, despite setbacks.

The fund is mainly supported by Progressive and donations from other employees. We partner with the Emergency Assistance Foundation to offer grants and community resources to Progressive employees, including social service recommendations and educational courses on disaster preparedness, financial education, and more. With this program, we can help our people prepare for the unexpected and continue to thrive during difficult times.

Dedicated time to give back

Volunteer Time Off

Introduced in 2023, Volunteer Time Off (VTO) is an employee benefit that celebrates volunteerism, community involvement, and our goal to collectively help people move forward and live fully.

Eligible employees receive eight hours of time off per year, with pay, to volunteer with nearly any 501(c)(3) organization of their choosing. The collective impact of our volunteer hours is immeasurable.