How the Use of Credit Information Affects You

Will checking my credit during a quote affect my credit rating?

No. The Progressive inquiry will only be visible to you and the credit reporting agency. Other companies viewing your credit report will not see the inquiry.

Do Progressive representatives see my credit report?

No. Our software systems automatically request your credit report, so your Progressive representative does not see your credit report or know your insurance score.

How do I know that the credit information you are collecting is really mine?

We collect credit information based on multiple personal characteristics, including Social Security number, address, birth date and whether or not you have recently relocated. Collecting these pieces of information helps to ensure that the credit information we obtain is yours.

Does Progressive check credit history when my policy renews?

In states where it is allowed or required by law, we periodically review policies, including credit history.

Is the use of credit information unfairly discriminatory?

No. Insurance credit reports do not contain any information on income, race, color, creed, physical handicap or disability.