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Types of Pet Insurance Plans

What coverages does pet insurance include?

Pet insurance coverage can be customized to your pet's budget and health needs through Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best. You can choose to get coverage for only accidental injuries or accidents and illnesses — the comprehensive and most popular option. You can also add preventive care to your comprehensive plan if you want your pet's routine vet visits and procedures covered.

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Accident Only


BestWellness and EssentialWellness

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What does pet insurance not cover?

Pet insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions and non-medical needs, such as holistic therapies, food, supplements, boarding, grooming, taxes, administration fees, waste disposal fees, transportation fees, or shipping and handling fees.

Elective and preventive procedures are not covered by the BestBenefit or Accident Only plans. Coverage for preventative care is only available with the BestWellness and EssentialWellness plans, which can be added on to your BestBenefit coverage. Parasite testing, treatment, and prevention aren't covered, unless you have a BestWellness or EssentialWellness plan.

Common questions about pet health coverage

Does pet insurance cover prescriptions or prescription food?

Does pet insurance cover shots?

Does pet insurance cover heartworm medication?

Does pet insurance cover surgery?

Does pet insurance cover euthanasia or cremation?

Animals covered by pet insurance

Pets Best offers cat insurance and dog insurance, as you'll find with most pet health insurers. If you have more than one cat or dog, you can save an additional 5% on top of the 5% discount you'll get by enrolling in a Pets Best policy through Progressive.††

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