Accident Response FAQ

With the Accident Response feature in the Progressive app, we can offer towing, emergency services, and even start a claim for you after an accident. While easy to use, we understand you might have questions about how it works. We've put together the most common ones below, including basic questions about how to turn it on, what happens when it detects an accident, and more.


Is there a charge for use of this feature?

Do I have to be a Progressive customer to sign up for the service?

Can everyone in my house/on my policy sign up?

How do I sign up?

Does this feature work outside the United States?

What if I can't find the Accident Response feature on my Progressive app?

Feature overview

What is Accident Response?

How does it work?

What is the technology that is used to detect crashes?

Will Accident Response detect every accident?

Will it automatically notify 911?

What if you detect an accident and one didn't really happen?

What happens to my rate if the app detected an accident, and I wasn’t in one?

Can dropping my phone or slamming on brakes trigger a detection?

Why didn't Progressive detect my accident?

What happens if you detect a crash?

Will you notify friends/family?

Am I notified if someone on my policy has been in a crash?

What happens if I am in a crash with a driver who is insured with another carrier and we need assistance?

What if I'm in a crash and the detection doesn't work but I need help? (i.e. how do I report my claim, how do I get a tow, etc.)


Does it work with all phones?

Do I have to enable push notifications?

What settings/permissions are required?

Will the feature drain my battery?

Does the feature require data (does it impact my cellular data plan)?

Will it work if my battery is low?

What if I don't have a cell signal or WiFi – will the feature work?

Can I turn it off? If I turn it off, how do I turn it back on?

Do I need to turn Accident Response on before each trip?

Data privacy

What kind of information will be collected by the app?

Is any of my information shared with third parties?

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