Bundle Save an average of 5% on auto!Δ
Bundle Save an average of 5% on auto!Δ
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    Till: An easier way to instill smart spending habits

    Till is a fee-free debit card and mobile app for kids and teens designed to teach financial literacy through real-world practice, so they learn to earn, save, and spend money responsibly. Using the Till mobile app, you can see every transaction your child makes with their virtual or physical debit card. You can use these real-time insights to discuss money management as a family, improve your kids' spending habits, and help them set savings goals.

    How Till works

    Setting up a Till account is simple:

    1. Download the app: The Till app is available on both the Apple and Google app stores.
    2. Create an account: To comply with federal law, you must provide your address and Social Security number so Till can verify your identity before opening your family account. Only U.S. residents 18 and older can sign up as a Family Owner, but kids of all ages can use Till.
    3. Fund your Parent Wallet account: Use your bank's login credentials to link your bank account to your Till family account, what we call the Parent Wallet. You can then easily and securely transfer funds to your Till account whenever you want.
    4. Add your kids: Once you have created your family account, select "Add family members" to add your kid(s). Simply enter their name and birthdate. Kids do not have to have a phone or phone number to use Till. They can access the app using an iPad or a parent/guardian's mobile device.

      Parents can also opt to use Till as a debit card-only experience for their kids. While we recommend the app experience to help kids learn how to manage money, we recognize that every family is different. Do what works for you!

    5. Invite other family members: You can also invite other family members to join your family account. An "Admin" role can be added as a secondary guardian to help manage the account or extend the invite to a "Community member" who has permission to send money and contribute to your kid's savings goals. All they have to do is accept your invite, download the app, and sign up.
    6. Receiving your kid's debit card: Once you’ve signed up and funded your Parent Wallet, a debit card will be automatically ordered for your kid. It typically takes 5-10 business days for the card to arrive in the mail. Once received and activated, they can also add the card to their Apple or Google Wallet for mobile payments.

    Frequently asked questions about Till

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