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Computer & Laptop Insurance

Two-year laptop protection plans start at less than $8/month*

Why get laptop insurance?

Your computer's standard warranty is likely good for manufacturer defects, but Progressive's Phone and Electronic Device Insurance by Worth Ave. Group may cover what your warranty can't.

Liquid spills, power surges by lightning, cracked screens, theft — everyday mishaps could send your computer to the electronic graveyard long before its time. And repairs can be expensive — according to Worth Ave. Group, the average laptop repair claim payout is $624.60. Protect your investment with computer insurance.

What computer insurance covers

A stand-alone computer insurance policy through Progressive includes coverage for perils (laptop theft, vandalism, fire damage, and more) and unexpected accidents such as:

  • Water damage (including liquid spills and submersion)
  • Damage from dropping or stepping on your laptop
  • Power surges due to lightning

While your renters insurance or homeowners insurance may also cover your laptop against perils, it can't cover the personal accidents computer insurance can.

What laptop insurance doesn't cover

Laptop insurance doesn't cover everything. Some exclusions are:

  • Computer viruses
  • Wear and tear or corrosion
  • Software issues
  • Blatant neglect

Why choose Progressive for laptop insurance?

Phone and electronic device insurance through Progressive protects you from computer theft and various types of accidental damage, including liquid spills and cracked screens. New computers and used or refurbished models can also be covered. You can purchase computer or laptop coverage at any time, and claim submissions are unlimited.

Other types of electronics you can insure through Progressive

Along with laptop insurance, you can also insure other electronic devices through us, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and gaming systems. Get a quote today for a 5% discount.

Common questions about computer and laptop insurance

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