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Level20 is the business incubator for Progressive. Our driving purpose is to develop, build, and launch businesses that provide our customers with products and services that go beyond insurance.

We operate autonomously from Progressive, leveraging our own modern tech stack, skill sets, and perspectives to rapidly prototype and develop products. However, we benefit from having the full support and resources of Progressive behind us, so we can focus on creating innovative businesses without the usual headaches of a start-up.

Level20 Careers

We are a diverse team of curious people working in lean, multi-disciplinary teams. Every team member contributes to each phase of the business-building process.

Purposefully designed to be different from traditional corporate incubators, Level20 is focused on addressing real problems for real people using the most effective methods.

Roles at Level20 include:

  • Product strategist jobs
  • Product designer jobs
  • Full-stack developer jobs
  • Initiative director jobs
  • Marketer jobs
  • Data scientist jobs
  • Business operation jobs

We love our space and our city

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, our creative office space encourages spontaneous collaboration while being surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, storefronts, and beautiful views of the city. We have a hybrid workplace model where work from home days are possible.

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