3 Reasons why insurance is a good career

Looking for a place to build a career? Look no further than insurance

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April 2023

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Let’s be honest: not many people grow up dreaming about working in insurance. However, if you’re reading this article, something (or perhaps someone) made you curious about the insurance industry. And you’ve found yourself asking, “Is insurance a good career?”

After working for Progressive for more than a decade, I can honestly say it is. Here are three reasons you should consider a career in insurance, too.

Reason #1: It has a lot of jobs to choose from

When a friend first mentioned I should work with him at Progressive, I initially told him I wasn’t interested because I didn’t want to sell insurance. My friend laughed. “You know there are other jobs in insurance, right?”

I hadn’t thought about that. And when I looked into it, I found he was right … there are many different jobs.

Interested in an IT career? You’re in luck. At Progressive, we have programmers and developers who manage Progressive’s award-winning website and build new functionalities for our smartphone app (among other things). Love data? Progressive has analysts who analyze everything from industry trends to driving data.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Customer service folks help customers manage their policies and answer insurance questions. Claims adjusters put on their detective hats, investigate claims and make coverage and liability decisions. And those in corporate roles—from marketing to legal to HR—help support the business. Whatever your interests are, you may be able to do them in insurance.

Reason #2: It has remote opportunities

There are a number of industries that provide opportunities to work remotely. And the good news is that insurance is also one of those industries.

While not every insurance job has a remote option, many positions do. And in some cases, hybrid schedules—where you only come into the office a few days a month—are the norm.

Progressive, for instance, has a combination of all three work arrangements (office, remote, and hybrid). So if workspace flexibility is your thing, chances are you’ll find a position that suits your preference.

Reason #3: It’s rewarding

At the end of the day, a career should be rewarding. Fortunately, working in insurance can be very fulfilling.

At Progressive, we feel great satisfaction helping customers. It’s our job to help them restore what was lost when life throws a curveball. And whether it’s getting customers back on the road or finding coverages, we take pride in supporting them when they need us most.

There’s no shortage of personal fulfillment, too. From accounting to graphic design (and everything in between), we have the chance to do what we love in a supportive environment.

Jobs in insurance also come with opportunities to develop your career. For example, I’ve seen firsthand Progressive’s investment in their employees’ professional growth. Whether it’s sharpening skills, charting career paths, or learning new technologies, opportunities abound for us to develop. My own career is proof: I started in claims, moved to communications, and now work in recruiting.

How to apply for a job in insurance

If these reasons are hitting home, then a career in insurance might be for you. If you’re interested in working for Progressive, here’s how to get started:

Best of luck! Who knows, maybe a career with Progressive might lead to incredible professional journey … just like mine.

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