5 reasons people stay with a company

With all the job choices out there, here are the top reasons people stick with their company for years

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April 2024

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Our world is filled with options. Whether it’s restaurants, streaming services, or tech products, there is no shortage of choices vying for our attention. With so many options, though, it’s easy for people to think the grass is always greener somewhere else.

The same can also be true in the job market. More companies mean more choices; and more choices can lead to job hopping. So, what makes someone buck this trend and stick with their company for years?

Here are five reasons people stay.

  1. They have work-life balance

    Work-life balance can be different for everyone. Some value flexibility in their schedule. Others enjoy the option of working from home or the office. However you define it, having the work-life balance that’s right for you is a strong reason to stay.

  1. They feel the work they do is valued

    It feels good when your work is noticed and appreciated. But like work-life balance, how someone wants to be recognized comes down to individual preference. Progressive, for example, recognizes employees in multiple ways (through positive feedback, appreciation events, and promotions, to name a few). In the end, people who are happiest with their company feel they are appreciated and their personal needs are met.

  1. Their work is interesting

    If work isn’t interesting, people often lose motivation. It makes sense, then, that those who are interested in their work find it easier to stay. This extends to their future work, as well. Many at Progressive, for example, work in several different departments throughout their career. If a company has an endless supply of challenges to undertake and intriguing work to do, people don’t look elsewhere to scratch that itch.

  1. They have growth opportunities

    Having growth opportunities is another motivator that keeps people at a company for years. That’s because some people, by nature, love to advance their career. If someone feels they have the runway to soar to new heights, they’ll be willing to stay at their company to see how far they can go.

  1. The company culture is healthy

    Companies with strong cultures celebrate and respect individuality. They believe in fostering a work environment that recognizes hard work. And they not only support their employees’ growth and development, but also their work-life balance, as well. They’re companies like Progressive. And once people find places like that, they stick around.

If you’re looking for a company to stay with, consider Progressive. You can learn more about us on our careers site. And if you’re interested in seeing what positions are available, check out our job listings.

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