Five tips to ace your next virtual interview

Your virtual interview is your chance to show why you want the job

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February 2020

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So, you want a career working from home? As a recruiter at Progressive, I hire for our virtual customer care positions, which means I’m always looking for people who not only have a passion for helping others, but who have the motivation to do that from an independent home workspace. Working from home is not for everyone, but for those who thrive in a virtual work environment, there are key steps you can take to showcase your motivation in your interview. Most virtual positions have virtual interviews, which is a great way to showcase your comfortability in that environment. Check out these top dos and don’ts to help you ace your virtual interview.

1. It's selfie time

It’s selfie time! A video interview requires a device with a camera, so always make sure to try it out in advance. Place it on a hard surface to prevent movement while interviewing. Avoid looking at yourself in the camera, which can distract you and your interviewer. The camera isn’t a mirror, so avoid fixing your hair, makeup, or clothing during your interview.

2. Find your interview location

Find your interview location. In addition to seeing you on video, it’s likely that your interviewer will be able to see behind you, around you, and maybe even out your window! Keep in mind that working from home requires a dedicated workspace that is free from distractions. So, clean up the space behind you and make sure that no other household members can be seen or heard during your interview.

3. Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice. Your time is limited to share top notch details that highlight your skills. Take time to write out the examples you would like to share in STAR format. Talk into your mirror to ensure clear and concise communication, and allow about three minutes per example.

4. Please silence or turn off your phone—this is kind of a big deal

Please silence or turn off your phone—this is kind of a big deal! The dings and buzz sounds can be very distracting. Turn off notifications and avoid texting during your video interview, even if you think your interviewer won’t notice. We experience what our customers experience, and this speaks volumes.

5. Last, but not least, BE YOURSELF

Regardless of whether you’re looking to avoid a long commute or are just more productive at home, your virtual interview is your chance to showcase why you want this particular job. Keep in mind that a virtual interview is a different experience that doesn’t rely on in-person social cues. Along with showing your motivation for working from home, your interviewer wants to see your excitement for the role and Progressive. Make sure to bring your enthusiasm!

Amy Shortreed is a Senior Talent Advisor at Progressive Insurance. With more than two decades of Progressive experiences, she uses business knowledge to place top candidates in positions they will thrive in and thoroughly enjoy.

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