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Progressive’s culture, Core Values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion may change what you think about corporate environments

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January 2021

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As a baseball fan, Progressive’s Opening Day tradition has to be one of my favorite things about the culture here. Every year, the company runs a contest to select 200 employees to come to our headquarters in Cleveland, the site of Progressive Field and home of the Cleveland Guardians. In 2012, I was chosen to participate and will never forget the experience. Together with members of our executive leadership team, including our CEO, we stepped away from our busy jobs to share in a fun-filled two-day event that culminated in watching a baseball game on a beautiful April afternoon. It’s just one of many things that contributes to the work environment at Progressive and part of what makes this such a great place to work.

To see pictures of Opening Day and other aspects of Progressive’s culture, check out our Instagram page.

Core Values that shape our work environment

As I mentioned, it’s our committed leaders, including CEO Tricia Griffith, that drive the culture here at Progressive. In an article she authored, Tricia details her frequent lunches with employees, where on Fridays, she’s been known to grab lunch and sit at a random table of employees. Tricia started as a claims representative back in 1988, so she’s shared several of the same experiences our employees have had navigating their careers. Having leaders who understand the needs of our employees is what leads to the fantastic results we receive each year from those who participate in our annual Engagement & Culture survey, which checks to ensure employees feel valued at the company. In another article, Tricia discusses a personal experience involving her interview for CEO. When her son’s high school football team reached the state championship, she needed to reschedule her interview to prioritize her family. Our leadership team respected the situation and allowed her the opportunity to reschedule—another great example of Progressive’s culture.

Learn more about Progressive's Core Values.

Benefits that contribute to our work environment

Progressive’s benefits are intended to support and invest in Progressive people. Employees can decide what works best for them and their lifestyle, choosing from a variety of career development resources, medical benefits (including on-site health centers), a 401(k) retirement plan, and more. Flexible work arrangements that allow employees to work nonstandard hours or from home are also very popular and contribute to the necessary work-life balance needs of employees. These company perks are just a part of what has led Progressive to be included in numerous award recognition lists multiple years in a row.

Learn more about Progressive's benefits.

Diversity’s impact on work environment

Progressive’s work environment has received some additional recognition as well. The company has also been recognized for Best Workplaces for Millennials, Best Workplaces for Women, and Best Workplaces for Diversity. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) contribute to our diverse work environment in many ways. Each group plays a key part in leveraging our differences to support an inclusive culture and provide insight into our customers. ERGs act as resources for employees, providing personal and professional support, and as resources for our business. More can be found about diversity and inclusion at Progressive here.

Remember, there’s a reason we’ve been named a best place to work: Our Progressive culture, Core Values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion redefine everything you might think about corporate environments. Whether that’s demonstrated at a baseball game or an impromptu lunch with our CEO, Progressive’s work environment is why you should Rethink Progressive.

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Cole Jansen is a Recruitment Manager for Progressive. Starting with Progressive as a claims representative, he leverages his experience to determine job fit for specialty roles across the company.

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