4 signs being a Progressive lawyer might be for you

If you're looking for autonomy & teamwork, you're at the right place

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May 2021

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There are many types of lawyers and different places in which to practice law. I chose to come to Progressive over a decade ago after working in private firms. I was attracted to the idea of working in-house, hoping for a realistic work/life balance. I naively assumed that aside from better hours, the culture was probably going to be similar to what I had experienced. How wrong I was! Progressive has a unique culture, and the more I interview candidates applying to Progressive and hearing their stories, the more I know this to be true.

We understand Progressive isn’t the right company for everyone. Over the years, I’ve interviewed plenty of smart and talented lawyers that we didn’t hire because we weren’t convinced they were a good fit with our values and culture. For those who take pride in their work, value teamwork and outstanding service, and are looking to continually learn and grow, Progressive can be a great place to start or extend your career. Here are four signs that practicing law at Progressive might be right for you.

1. You value teamwork

There is no going at it alone at Progressive. Everyone works in a team, and that is no different in our legal departments. At firms, sometimes the “eat what you kill” mentality of bringing in and minding the business of clients causes attorneys to be competitive about their individual cases. Here, we share research, discuss strategies, cover for each other as needed at court appearances, and collaborate on unique or challenging issues. There’s no senior partner to impress here—we share our successes together.

2. You seek ownership

At Progressive, you have autonomy in your case handling. Even our less experienced lawyers are given their own caseload, adjusted in relation to experience level and particular jurisdictional nuances. We believe in our lawyers handling their cases from beginning to end. You’ll be the one analyzing the evidence, drafting a litigation plan, conducting discovery and ultimately, trying the case. You’ll have lots of support from your manager and team to discuss strategy, but the decision-making and handling is yours.

3. You’re incredibly service-oriented

The client comes first here. In our House Counsel division, we represent our customers when they are being sued—which for many, can be a stressful experience. We seek to take the worry out of the experience for our customers and resolve the case quickly. We contact them early, and often, throughout the case, letting them know what is going on at each stage of the litigation. Protecting our client’s best interests drives everything we do and every step we take.

4. You’re open to feedback

Most lawyers, aside from possibly their first years out of law school, haven’t had anyone looking at the substance of their work and giving feedback. Those who have been sole practitioners before coming to Progressive may never have had anyone review their work. It’s different here. Progressive’s legal group values feedback and the opportunity to continually improve. We facilitate a thorough onboarding process for our lawyers during their first year with us. After that first year, our attorney managers consistently evaluate attorney work and provide regular feedback to encourage constant growth and improvement.

Progressive is certainly a unique place to practice law. If you like being challenged, pushed to improve, and value being part of a team, consider joining us.

Stacie Baker works in Progressive’s House Counsel organization, managing our Ohio offices. She has more than 20 years of legal experience.

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