How Progressive supports active-duty military spouses

At Progressive, Rocío found the flexibility to be present for her family while pursuing her career

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April 2024

A man wearing a military uniform poses with a woman in a blue ballgown in front of a wall of white flowers.

Navigating the challenges of being a military spouse can be overwhelming. You need to be comfortable with all the uncertainties that it entails, such as deployment schedules, constant Permanent Change of Stations (PCSs), living away from family, and solo parenting.

Despite the uncertainties that military life brings, I’m extremely fortunate and forever grateful for Progressive’s support throughout the years.

Finding consistency in a world of change

Progressive has been one of the few constants over the years. Due to my husband’s job responsibilities, we’ve experienced six out-of-state moves since 2014. We’ve moved from Texas to Hawaii, Virginia, North Carolina, back to Texas, and then back to North Carolina. And the moves will most likely continue. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work remotely during this time. Keeping my employment despite my husband’s relocation possibilities has made it much easier for us.

Not only does it keep us at ease knowing that I can continue to pursue my career aspirations as I support his, but it also sets us up for success because Progressive has been my positive outlet in times of uncertainty.

Progressive is an extension of what makes me, me. It’s the place where I feel like I belong. It’s the place where I feel a sense of purpose and abide by our Core Values. And, most importantly, it’s the place where I’ve built my extension of a ‘home’ while moving across the country.

Embracing work-life harmony

Once I became a military spouse, the importance of resiliency and adaptability became more evident to me as a recipe for success. I began attending more Progressive-sponsored Employee Resource Group (ERG) events. One event that resonated with me encouraged pursuing work-life harmony.

Many times I felt I couldn’t balance it all. I envisioned an equilibrium as being a supportive military spouse, attending all the Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) events, being the primary caregiver to our three young children, and being a successful employee. But this event helped me change my mindset. I realized it’s okay to prioritize certain things at certain times. It will never be a true balance. It’s more about being self-aware of how we choose to dedicate our time.

As I reflected on how that ERG event helped me, I vowed to share the positivity of Progressive-sponsored events with other employees. I realized I wanted to bridge the gap between civilian and military life, so I chose to volunteer my time with the Military Network (MILNET) ERG. With MILNET, I found another sense of belonging and purpose: To be an advocate for our military service members and their families.

Growing a lasting career

Progressive has given me the platform to enhance my skills and find career growth. Through my involvement with MILNET, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. I create internal podcasts featuring Progressive employee veterans as they share their stories about military life. My work was even recognized at a Progressive companywide event, where I was awarded for my contributions in MILNET and other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) projects.

As a military spouse, I’ve also had the honor of attending a Command Team Spouse Course at The Army University in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and gained skills like resiliency, mindfulness, and team effectiveness which continue to help me in the Progressive role I have today.

My husband and I frequently share with each other that we’re lifers: He’s an Army lifer with a 21-year tenure, and I’m a Progressive lifer with 23 years. We’re a united front despite being miles apart. We feel we’re stronger together with the support systems we’ve built for ourselves, and Progressive is one of them. We’re forever grateful. Thank you, Progressive!

Learn more about Progressive’s commitment to the military community through initiatives like the Keys to Progress® veteran vehicle giveaway program.

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