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Learn what to look for when researching a company’s benefit package

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November 2022

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When reviewing a benefits package, what comes to mind first is usually healthcare, dental and vision, and 401(k). But mental health is also something you should consider when reviewing a company’s benefits. Mental health support can benefit everyone, and it doesn’t just include counseling. It also includes educational resources, stress management, and other programs.

What mental health benefits should you look for?

Progressive’s Disabilities Awareness Network (DAWN) Employment Resource Group (ERG) hosts educational events for Mental Health Awareness month in May each year. And in 2022, they spotlighted the benefits Progressive offers which support mental health.

Here are some of the important benefits DAWN highlighted to consider when researching a company’s mental health benefits:

Counseling & employee assistance programs

Does the company offer professional services to help reduce stress of life challenges? What about support to see a counselor? Does this benefit cover just you or is there anyone else that can get support? At Progressive, there are a variety of free professional services that provide support to employees. Some of the benefits include 24/7 in-the-moment telephonic support, virtual counseling sessions, and legal/financial consultations.

Mental health educational resources

Progressive’s mental health event series offers ongoing virtual events that cover a variety of topics relating to mental health. Regardless of your schedule, Progressive makes materials available at any time to learn more about mental health. During your research, find out if there are educational resources that you can access on-demand, so you know you’ll get the information if and when you need it.

Stress management programs

Whether it’s a wellness program, yoga class, guided meditation, or other resources, having a positive outlet for managing stress is important. As you’re researching mental health benefits with a company, consider how the company is supporting stress management. For example, Progressive offers meditation breaks, virtual yoga, a resilience course and other programs available to help with stress management.

There are many things to consider when evaluating a company’s benefit package. Be sure to take your time and think about the whole package, including mental health and wellness support. It’s important to take care of the whole you! You can learn more about Progressive’s benefit offerings and start your search if you’re ready.

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