Career development tips remote workers should know

Keep your career trending in the right direction while working from home

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June 2023

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While remote work has brought many welcome changes, it also poses some interesting challenges. One of these challenges is how to advance in your career while working virtually. That’s because the perception is that it’s tougher to get noticed (or learn from others) when you’re not working together in an office.

Here are some tips on career development for remote workers that can help you take the next step.

Be inventive

There are many unknowns in today’s virtual work environment, which means there are opportunities to propose creative solutions. Come to the table with some fresh ideas.

Be intentional

Chance networking encounters don’t really happen when you’re working remotely. Be intentional about making connections by scheduling time to chat with the people you want in your network.

Be inquisitive

Get serious about learning by maximizing your company’s online development resources. Progressive’s Own It, for example, is our employees’ go-to site for career planning, business knowledge, and more.

Many have found ways to be successful while working from home. Similarly, working remotely doesn’t mean your career development has to suffer. In fact, thousands of Progressive employees make internal job moves each year. By being inventive, intentional, and inquisitive, you can take your career to the next level while still reaping the benefits of remote work.

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