Why employee tenure should matter in your job search

Employees staying with a company long term speaks volumes about culture

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May 2021

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If you’re anything like me while job searching, you have a mental checklist of things you look for in your ideal company work culture. Company reviews, top workplace wins, and website photos can definitely help you get that inside look. But when I look back, I realize I overlooked one of the most important indicators of a strong culture: employee tenure.

Employees staying with a company long term speaks volumes about culture, including how well—or not well—a company treats their employees. At Progressive, around 33% of our employee population has been with the company more than 10 years, and there’s good reason for that. Allow me to illustrate through some of my own experiences.

Tenure means stability

When employee tenure within a company is strong, you’ll most likely find a solid foundation of core values. People want to stay with a company they believe in, just like Bessie. Bessie’s a representative in our Claims Department and has been with Progressive for 10 years. She said, “Progressive is an extremely well-managed, ethical organization that values its employees and actively recognizes the competitive advantages their family-oriented work force can wield in the marketplace.”

When job searching, make sure you’re looking into the company’s core values or mission statement to see what they stand for. Once you find a company with values you share, you’ll be happier and less likely to leave.

People who stay aren’t bored

When I asked Susan, a call center representative who is nearing her 25th year with Progressive why she’s stayed, she said, “I love the fast paced, ever changing work environment. Also, there is a lot of opportunity for advancement.”

Have you ever left a job because you felt like there was nothing else for you to accomplish? When you’re with a company you feel you can grow with, the sky’s the limit. You’ll want to perform better, hit that deadline on time, or provide the best customer service experience. You’ll notice when you start working, employees with more tenure are usually more positive about getting a job done because they aren’t bored with the work they’re doing. As the company evolves, so do the people.

People want to feel valued

There are many reasons people stay with companies. I have stayed with Progressive because I truly feel valued for the work I do each day. Having been with my previous company almost 10 years, I wanted to find a place that valued the experience I could provide. It’s so important to feel like the job you do matters, and to have it openly recognized. When my managers thank me for a job well done or take the time to appreciate when I’ve gone out of my comfort zone, I’m so glad I chose Progressive. Being valued is a feeling I don’t ever want to lose.

Sarah Mancini is HR Specialist at Progressive. She uses her passion for helping others to support support employees.

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