Contact center jobs can lead to opportunities

An unexpected first step can lead to the career of your dreams

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October 2022

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Some of us didn’t know what we wanted to be when we grew up. There are others that had a plan but are now ready to make a change. Either way, it shows how tough choosing a job can be. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to try something new, your career decisions can impact your options over time.

Don’t lose hope, though! There are quite a few job opportunities that allow for career development. In fact, many positions provide several different options for you to pursue without having to leave a company and start over again. And surprising as it may sound, a customer care job in the Contact Center at Progressive can be one of those jobs that begins a rewarding career path.

Start your Contact Center journey

Everyone has heard or said the words, “I just want to get my foot in the door.” And at Progressive, it’s true—a job in the Contact Center can lead to new opportunities. Each year Progressive sees hundreds of Contact Center employees develop skills they need to compete and earn new roles. And not just within the contact center, but also in Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Leadership, Underwriting, and Claims, as well. At Progressive, employees can carve out a career path based on their unique experience and interest.

Build transferable skills in a Contact Center role

While you are building up your insurance knowledge in a Contact Center job, you’re also developing valuable skills for a variety of potential future roles. It may not be easy at first, but over time you’ll gain confidence and continue to grow. Whether it’s resolving a billing question, selling a policy, or being the first point of contact for a claim, daily exposure to customers will give you the opportunity to develop skills in communications, problem solving and building relationships.

Beyond learning how to communicate effectively and with persuasion, Contact Center careers will also teach you how to multi-task and prioritize effectively. A contact center role can help you gain foundational skills for many career opportunities.

Setting expectations

Progressive CEO Tricia Griffith has shared several tips regarding career growth. My favorite is, “The first step is to be great at your current job.” While you may or may not know exactly where your career will take you, there is no replacement for hard work. The commitment and effort you put forth is irreplaceable. Focusing on the skills you can develop right now will lead you to your goals down the line.

Final thoughts

I never knew what I wanted to do when I, “grew up.” I, too, once started in an entry-level job, and I took each opportunity to develop and learn. A Contact Center job might not have been the starting point that you imagined. But there are plenty of Marketing Specialists, Recruiters, Analysts, Managers, and Directors that began from that same starting block. It might just be the right next step for you.

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Brian Brankle has more than ten years of leadership experience at Progressive Insurance, which includes roles in the claims organization and currently within the Talent Acquisition Group. He relies on detailed analysis of past performance and innovative approaches to old processes in order to improve candidate experience and organizational efficiency.

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