Accountability is key to achieving inclusion

Meaningful progress is accomplished when we hold ourselves and each other responsible

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May 2021

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Since 2007, Progressive has made concerted and strategic efforts to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. We’ve continually learned and improved over time, but our journey is far from over. What continues to propel us forward is our sense of accountability.

A strong foundation

Guided by our Core Values, we believe that cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment is critical to our achievements and makes it possible for unique perspectives to be heard and valued. We believe companies that embrace diversity in demographics, backgrounds, experiences, industries, education, and ways of thinking are often more innovative and successful. And we seek for our workforce to reflect the customers we serve.

For us, this commitment begins with our hiring practices and is nurtured throughout our employee experience. But real, meaningful progress is best accomplished when we hold ourselves and each other responsible for continued learning and application in our day-to-day actions.

It starts with leadership

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) have long been part of the job competencies we believe are critical to success in leadership roles at Progressive. Inclusion has been an expectation of our leaders for years. And it’s standard practice that we ask all candidates interviewing for leadership roles questions focused on creating an inclusive environment.

This year we went a step further, introducing a specific requirement focused on D&I for every leader in the company. We wanted to make it clear to every Progressive leader that D&I behaviors are not “nice to haves”—they’re not electives, they’re requirements.

It requires resources and support

Our goal is to support D&I awareness and create an atmosphere where we build on our cultural competence and address difficult topics like unconscious bias, microinequities, and privilege. We expect our employees to have candid conversations with one another. To support that, we provide a full suite of formal training sessions and workshops to help guide them so that these conversations can be productive and meaningful. Our D&I development resources are considered foundational learning for every member of our Progressive team. So whether it’s a hiring discussion, an employee coaching session, or a group training, our employees are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and practice needed to have open and honest conversations.

It includes focused development

We recognize that we have opportunities. One area of focus for us is representation in leadership. So we’re investing in programs like our successful Multicultural Leadership Development Program, which you can learn more about on our site. Through programs like this, participants can invest in their development in ways that can accelerate career growth. And the results speak for themselves, as many program participants have grown their careers at Progressive.

We also support meaningful mentorships—both formal and informal—and our nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) act as a resource for employees, providing personal and professional support, as well as being a resource for our business. We’ve found that employees who participate in our ERGs are more engaged, more likely to apply for a promotion, and more likely to stay with Progressive.

It’s a never-ending journey

We’ve never been a company to rest on our laurels. We know opportunities remain, but we continue to learn and improve. We’ll remain strategic, intentional, and open to evolving to continue driving Progressive into the future. For those seeking to work at a company that embraces their diversity and inclusion journey with fervor and humility, we hope you think of us in your job search.

As the leader of our Talent Acquisition group at Progressive, Neil Lenane strives to find diverse and quality talent who thrive in a high performing, collaborative, and innovative culture. On the personal side, he’s a GSD (Get Stuff Done) type of guy and a big believer in creating your own opportunities through continued development and the desire and ability to be agile.

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