Progressive Employment Assessments

About the Progressive Assessments

For some of our career opportunities we use online assessments. The Progressive assessments help us evaluate your qualifications and potential for success on the job—and to see if you are a good fit with our company values. If the job you apply for requires an assessment, we’ll let you know. The purpose of the pre-employment assessments is to:

  • Gauge how you solve problems and apply knowledge to new situations as well as communicate and reason.
  • Gain insight into your approach to customer service, your ability to multi-task, your work ethic and style, and how you adapt and collaborate.

How to prepare

You'll be given a specific timeframe to take an assessment. Plan to give yourself at least 50 minutes to complete it but set aside extra time so you won’t feel rushed. Follow these recommendations before taking an employee assessment:

  • Choose a location that's comfortable, quiet, and has very few distractions.
  • Read all instructions, questions, and response options carefully.
  • Think about real-life examples from past jobs or your current job when responding.
  • Avoid second-guessing or over-thinking your responses.
  • Try your best to complete every question. Remember, you don't have to answer every question correctly to do well.

Remember, there’s no need to study since we aren't assessing how much you know about a subject or task. Progressive’s employee assessments work best on a computer or tablet with a reliable internet connection. We recommend that you use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

After taking an employment assessment

If you recently took an employee assessment, you can expect to receive results within two business days, usually by email. Keep these insights in mind after completing an assessment:

  • The assessments are scored differently depending on the role for which you apply, such as customer service.
  • Our team will be informed as to whether you’ve passed a Progressive assessment or not; however, we aren’t given specific details on how you’ve performed.
  • If you qualify, you’ll be eligible for next steps, which may include résumé review or an interview. A qualifying result is valid for two years.
  • If you don't qualify, you may retake the assessment again in six months which is both industry standard and gives you the chance to build on your experiences ahead of your next try.

Check out our Hiring process FAQs and learn more about interviewing at Progressive.

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