Trade or Sell Cars Online

Trade or Sell Cars Online

Discover how easy it is to sell or trade your car online

Find your car’s value and get a cash offer in minutes

Answer a few simple questions about your vehicle and its condition to determine what your car is worth. Then you’ll get a True Cash Offer on the spot. If you’re happy with the offer, TrueCar will connect you to a local certified dealer to verify the condition and provide you with a check.

How the Progressive Car Trade-in Service by True Car works

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Benefits of trading or selling online

Take advantage of the convenience and confidence that comes with online car selling.

Quick. Easy. Accurate.

Just answer a few questions that impact your car's value to get a real cash offer fast — usually under 2 minutes.

Total transparency from the start

See how things like mileage, color, and options affect your car's value in real-time. If you have more questions a certified dealer will explain everything that goes into your car's valuation in person.

Get paid directly

A True Cash Offer means you can get a check directly from a local certified dealer, no need for time-consuming private party sales or to collect money from a total stranger.

Locked-in price

If you’re not ready to sell today, no worries. Your True Cash Offer is good for 3 days at a certified dealer near you. And if you want to use your offer as a trade-in instead, your local network of certified dealers will have a wide variety of new and used cars to choose from.

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