Snapshot Road Test® FAQ

Snapshot Road Test is no longer accepting new enrollments. If you'd still like to try Snapshot, you can enroll in Snapshot by quoting with Progressive today.

Questions about Snapshot Road Test

What is Snapshot Road Test?

Which states are not included in the Snapshot Road Test program?

What information is required to sign up for Snapshot Road Test?

Does it cost anything to try Snapshot Road Test?

Can more than one person in my household try Snapshot Road Test?

I drive a company car, delivery truck, police car, etc. Is Snapshot Road Test a good fit for me?

How do I check my progress in the program?

How often is my information updated?

How do I know that the program is done?

When do I get my discount?

How do I apply my discount?

Do I start saving as soon as I switch?

If I want to switch, do I need to do it immediately?

When should I cancel my current insurance?

What if I don't save anything?

What if I want to end my Snapshot Road Test early?

Can I skip the Snapshot Road Test and simply become a Progressive customer?

How does the referral program work?

How much do I get paid for a referral?

How does the referral fee get paid?

Is the referral program available everywhere?

Can I refer anyone to Snapshot Road Test?

Do I have to have an auto insurance policy with Progressive to make a referral?

Do I have to buy a Progressive auto insurance policy to get paid?

How will I get my referral code?

Are there any limits on the referral program?

Questions about the Snapshot app with Road Test

Where can I get the app? Is it free?

Which mobile phones are supported?

Why can't I see the Snapshot app with Road Test in the App Store?

Why is the Snapshot app with Road Test not available for me?

Do I need to leave the app running in the background?

Which settings are required to use the app on my phone?

Why does the app need a Wi-Fi connection?

What data does the app collect?

Does the Snapshot app with Road Test know who I'm calling or texting?

What types of phone use does the Snapshot app with Road Test measure?

How does the Snapshot app with Road Test know if I am driving?

Do I have to turn on the app every time I get in my car?

Does the app use GPS data?

Does the Snapshot app with Road Test prevent me from using my phone while driving?

Do I need to leave the app on my phone for a certain number of days?

What happens if I delete the app?

How much data/battery does the app use?

What if my trip type isn't categorized correctly?

Why don't all of my trips appear?

Can I continue to use the app after I'm finished with the program?

Is all of the information shown on the phone used to determine my rate?

What if I get a new phone number or a new phone?

Note: This FAQ offers a broad overview of the Snapshot Road Test program and how it works. The program does vary and is not available in all states. See the Snapshot Road Test Terms and Conditions for more information.

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